Our process

This may be your first time getting a website, and you are a little unsure as to what is involved. For your convenience we have put together a guide of the process we follow for every one of our projects.

Research & Planning

During this phase we spend time getting to know more about your business, your industry, your competitors and your target audience. We learn what goals and visions you have for your website, and any design preferences you may have. We also put together a sitemap of your site, giving us a graphical representation of what pages will be on your site, as well as the navigational structure. We find this stage crucial to the success of a website, so it's important we gather as much information here as possible. We will also ask you to provide us with any text you may have for the website, images, video and any offline marketing materials you may have.


This is where all our research & planning come together, and ideas start to come to life. Armed with the knowledge we've gained from the previous phases, we begin to hash out some ideas on paper and start creating wireframes of the basic structure of the site. Once we have finalised the wireframe, we then open up Photoshop to create the digital mock-up of your website's design. From here we submit to you our initial design as a static, non-functional image for feedback so we can make the necessary tweaks to it until we get final approval. Once the homepage has been approved, we'll then send you the template for the secondary page based on the design of the homepage. Once these have also been approved, we proceed to building your website.


Once we have final approval for the design, it's time to build it! Each site is coded in web standard XHTML & CSS that is semantic, valid and search engine friendly. We also test your new website on all the modern browsers to ensure it renders correctly across each one. This is also your final opportunity to provide us with any images or text you would like to see go onto the site before launch. Once we have the site near completion, we send you a link to our private test area for review. Revisions, if needed, are then made to the site based on your feedback. Once you are happy, and give us your final approval, we go live with the website. And finally, we submit it to all the major search engines and hook it up to an analytics application.


Once your website is up and running, we turn our attention to maintenance. Sites need to be updated with fresh content. Search engines like it, and so will your users. It gives them a reason to return, and gives the impression of your business being current. How we manage each website varies between each project. Once the site is live, it belongs to you. So if you feel comfortable that you have the knowledge to update yourself, we will give you the necessary details to enable you to do so.

Of course, if you prefer, we can take care of updating for you. If you think you will require regular updates to your site, we can provide you with a maintenance plan tailored to your specific requirements based on the answers you provide in the Project Planner form. We are also happy to do ad hoc changes for sites that won't need regular updating.

You also have the option of a Content Management System (CMS), allowing you full control of your site. We can also provide you with on-site training to get you familiarised quicker with the administration area of the CMS.